Contact Lens

NEW! CooperVision MyDay 1 Day 30 pack 

NEW! CooperVision MyDay 1 Day 30 pack

"Instantly forgettable"

Why settle for a compromise with your lenses? MyDay daily disposable contact lenses give your eyes what they’re asking for—breathable lenses that are so comfortable, you’ll hardly think about them at all.

Our Smart Silicone™ chemistry delivers a contact lens that strikes the right balance, so your eyes get plenty of oxygen (which they need), while you enjoy long-lasting comfort (which you want). Contains 30 daily disposable lenses.

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Features Visibility (handling) tint

Pack Size 30 lenses per box

H2O Content 54%

Replacement Schedule 1 Days

Health Fund Claimable Private health fund members may claim a rebate on this item. * Please check with your health fund.

Right Eye - OD Left Eye - OS
Per Box $40.00 $40.00
Total $40.00 $40.00
Product Total $80.00

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