Can’t find your brand anywhere on our site? There could be a few reasons for this.

Some retailers chose to sell "home branded" products, which are re-packaged branded contact lenses under a different name.

Some retailers choose to do this so that you can’t go buy your lenses anywhere else (including online).

Others do it so that they can artificially inflate the price, as you won’t be able to find "your" lenses anywhere else and therefore feel obliged to pay any requested price.

While we can’t disclose the exact name of some of these products, if you have a prescription or box for a brand you don’t see on our site, chances are you have a "home branded" product.

Simply give us a call on 02 9513 9355 or email us at, and we will seek the clinical equivalent.

We can also offer pricing on a case-by-case basis for specialty lenses, such as out-of-range powers or hard contact lenses.

Mylens’ aim as always is to save you money and provide unsurpassed service.